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Not a whole lot to say, just wanted to inform everyone who wondered when they'd be seeing some animations from me (which is probably like, two of you... lolz). I'm finally in college studying the art of animation! It could be a lil while still before I post anything, but I'm almost certain I will post one at some point.

Making progress!

2009-12-15 06:34:57 by ArmedRaptor

Alright! I've been making a ton of progress recently! I've already animated a little, and my artistic ability has greatly improved since my last blog entry. At this rate, I should be making a short by the end of next year! I'll keep you guys posted until then.
I have a deviant art account now btw. I'd post all my art here, but I'll wait until I'm better. Until then, you can see my progress at this link:

About Me

2009-10-17 16:31:39 by ArmedRaptor

I'm a soon-to-be animator who is currently thinking up things to animate. I have done stop-motion animation in the past, but it's been a while (more on that here: le/sostrongbad/).
I've used the username "SoStrongBad" for a very long while now, but due to possible copyright issues I decided to go under the new name "ArmedRaptor" . When will you see more from me (other than some sketches)? Well, I just got ToonBoom Animate, and I'm waiting to get a wacom tablet. So until then, there will not be much of anything.
I also hope to do some voice-acting once I get some proper recording equipment (As well as some practice, lol!).
So whats with the name? No, I'm not trying to copy egoraptor in any way. I used to be huge about dinosaurs when I was little, and now i find them fun to draw, so the word raptor pops into my head a lot when trying to think of a new screenname. I also thought that if you armed a raptor with something, it would probably be the coolest thing ever. Finally, the first letters of each word are both parts of my initials, so it was an obvious choice for a screenname.

I hope to contribute to this community in a positive way, so you probably won't find me rating anyone down too often. I find it immature to insult someone when they are just trying to get noticed.

All you need to know about me is that I'm a very creative person who likes to make things. That's me in a nutshell.

(Edit 11/6/2009: Okay, I've ordered the wacom tablet, so now all that's left is to learn the animation program. That will take some time, but when I've got things down I should be able to get an animation up quite soon afterword.)

(Edit 11/9/2009: Alriiiight! Got my Wacom tablet! Now I just have to practice with it, and learn how to use my animation program, and I should be good to go. It will take a LONG while before an animation is up, but at least I'm making progress! Btw the picture on my profile was drawn by me using my new wacom.)